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NFL Predictions: Neil Reynolds and Jeff Reinebold make their Week One picks

Sky Sports | Updated: 2018-09-06 18:45:17

Sky Sports' weekly NFL prediction returns for a new season with Neil Reynolds and Jeff Reinebold making their picks.

For 2018, the 'Inside the Huddle' podcast has come to Sky Sports and, as well as being available as a podcast, the magazine show hosted by Reynolds will now be broadcast weekly on Sky Sports and available On Demand.


On the podcast, Neil and Jeff look ahead to and make their predictions for every NFL game, every single week. We will keep a tally of their records as the season goes on.

Let's kick things off with their Week One picks...

Atlanta Falcons @ Philadelphia Eagles, NFL Kickoff LIVE
Sky Sports Action (407), 12.30am, Friday


I’m going to take the Eagles. I just really believe that the problems they’ve had offensively - particularly with Nick Foles, I don’t think he played very well in the preseason - I think they will overcome those things. Top to bottom, they have a better roster.


I actually like the Falcons in this game and I like the team generally. They gave the Eagles the most problems in the playoffs last year. They were a Julio Jones catch away from winning at Lincoln Financial Field, so I’m going to go with Atlanta. I do like the way they are developing on defense.

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San Francisco 49ers @ Minnesota Vikings, NFL Sunday LIVE
Sky Sports Action (407), 5pm, Sunday


I like the Vikings, only because I think they have a better defense. I think Kirk Cousins is still finding his way offensively there. But on the other side of it, Jimmy Garoppolo, if he can continue the magic that he showed at the end of the season, I think San Francisco is going to be a team to be reckoned with. But I’ll take the Vikings in this one.


Yes, I’ll take Minnesota to as well. I think San Francisco are going to be improved this year and have certainly been the trendy pick, but they are not as good top-to-bottom as the Vikings yet.

Dallas Cowboys @ Carolina Panthers, NFL Sunday LIVE
Sky Sports Action (407), 9pm, Sunday


One of the guys to fill the void left by Dez Bryant and Jason Witten will have to be Cole Beasley but, as much as I love the guy, he is a role player. He’s not a number one receiver and I don’t see a player at that position who can evolve into being that.

Remember now they’re playing against one of the better front sevens on defense in the National Football League. Carolina is nasty upfront, so I think Carolina will win this game.

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Follow all the excitement of the 2018 season by playing the NFL Challenge, with weekly prizes and the chance to win a pair of season tickets to the 2019 games in London.

I’m really anxious to see the growth and how much Cam Newton has been able to buy into [new offensive coordinator] Norv Turner’s system and what they’re going to do with him. I think you’ll see a much better Newton under Turner. Now he's got Christian McCaffrey to go with Greg Olsen and I think he will take advantage of the play action game that they really didn't do much with before. If there is a liability in Carolina, it's on that offensive line."


That’s the fascinating thing for me; I’m going to pick the Panthers as well but how much has Newton grown? How much will he look like a pocket passer? You don’t want to make Cam a pocket passer - he’s an offensive weapon who can run and pass - but Turner said he wants to make him a guy who completes 67/68% of his passes. That has not been Newton, so that’s going to be interesting to watch early in the season.

Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers, NFL Sunday LIVE
Sky Sports Action (407), 1.10am, Monday


I don’t think there’s any question that this Bears team is ready to make some noise in the NFC. Mitch Trubisky is a fine young quarterback and they’ve put talented players around him. The Bears defense I think is a little underrated - they have some quality players.

If you were going to pick any game to show a new NFL fan, this would be one you’d want them to watch. The history, the tradition, the way these two teams don’t like each other, this is a great game.

The key thing with Green Bay - it seems like we are always talking about this - is are they going to be good enough on defense? I watched them in preseason and they’ve got some talented young secondary kids but, until they show me, I’m just not buying in. I think the Bears have a chance to upset the Packers in Week One. I’m picking it!


I’m going Green Bay. Never bet against Aaron Rodgers, especially at Lambeau.

New York Jets @ Detroit Lions, Monday Night Football
Sky Sports Action (407), 12.10am, Tuesday


Did you watch the Lions in preseason? I certainly did and I was not impressed. I think they are a long way away from being a good football team. They started to run the ball a little bit though which is a big step.

Obviously they have Matthew Stafford at QB so they have a chance, but I can’t pick them. I did not feel in preseason that they were playing the kind of football they need to play. They are a long way from being a good football team.

Meanwhile, Sam Darnold has shocked me in preseason for the Jets. I thought the rookie QB played much much better than I anticipated he would. As depleted as the Jets roster was last year, for them to play as competitively as they did for Todd Bowles, I think it says an awful lot about his coaching and how those players enjoy playing for him. I’m going to take the Jets.


I think the Jets are going to be a competitive team this year. I think they might even have a winning record, but starting on the road against Detroit is a tough ask for them. I think if Detroit were in the AFC, we would have a much better opinion of them, but the NFC is so loaded. I’m going to pick the Lions.

Los Angeles Rams @ Oakland Raiders, Monday Night Football
Sky Sports Action (407), 2.30am, Tuesday


Aaron Donald signing his contract is a real positive for them. When you go through that defense, what coordinator Wade Phillips has available to him is a little bit scary. That will make them a real Super Bowl contender.

Jared Goff at quarterback continues to get better, they’ve got great skill position players, all the guys on the offensive line are veterans and do a great job. They play outstanding special teams. I don’t think there’s any weakness on that football team and they are one of my preseason favourites to go to the Super Bowl.


I’m going to pick the Rams to win this one but it’s an exciting and intriguing matchup to round out Week One.

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