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Steve Kerr reveals how he plans to improve the Warriors after back-to-back NBA titles

GiveMeSport | Updated: 2018-09-20 23:55:09

The expectations are higher than they've ever been for the Golden State Warriors in the 2018-19 season.

This is due to the fact that not only are they the back-to-back champions of the NBA, but because they arguably have the most powerful roster in the entire league right now.

While the additions that they've made during the offseason, like DeMarcus Cousins, will certainly improve the squad, it will also provide challenges for the team to overcome to integrate him into the team.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr knows this, and he believes his players will enjoy the challenge of integrating Cousins into the team once he is fit enough to play.

He said, via Kit Rachlis of The California Sunday Magazine: “For sure. Cousins is going be a big addition in that regard. It’ll be an intellectual challenge that our core players, I think, will really enjoy. It’ll look different. It’ll feel different, and I think they need that.”

As well as changes to the flow of play thanks to Boogie's arrival, Kerr revealed he's tempted to change the way the Warriors practice in order to keep things fresh.

He said: “I’m also very tempted to change the format of practice. You know, we’ve been pretty consistent with four lines, the fundamental stuff.

"We’ve had a format that’s worked for us, that our guys are very versed in, but I feel like we should explore a completely different type of practice just to keep our guys’ minds fresh. I might call off shootarounds this year.”

It's quite clear that despite their back-to-back titles, Kerr is not prepared to settle, and he's making sure his team isn't getting comfortable at any point either. Not even in practice.

With how competitive the Western Conference has become over the past year with the rise of the Houston Rockets and the arrival of LeBron James at the Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State can't afford to rest if they want to continue their dominance.

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