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Video shows what life could've been like for 76ers if LeBron James had joined

GiveMeSport | Updated: 2018-09-07 19:15:08

This summer, LeBron James made another huge career move when he decided to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers and move west to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Many teams were reportedly in contention to sign the four-time MVP winner, but it always seemed destined that he would move to the Western Conference to the Lakers no matter what.

One of the several teams that had an interest in LeBron though was the Philadelphia 76ers, as they had a desire to add him to their already promising roster featuring the likes of Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons.

James and Simmons already have a strong connection with one another off the court, as they both share the same agent in Rich Paul and Klutch Sports. This is why some thought there was a chance that the King could land in Philly.

While those hopes have now since been dashed, fans have received a glimpse of what life could have been like if LeBron had signed with the 76ers this summer.

Simmons and LeBron took part in a pickup game recently in New York at Chris Brickley’s gym where they were both on the same team.

Brickley posted a video on his Instagram account showing the connection between the two superstars and what life could have been like in Philly if the four-time MVP winner had moved there this past summer.

Add Embiid into the mix and the video shows just how dominant the 76ers could have been in the Eastern Conference this summer if they had signed LeBron this offseason. 

With James now in the West, Philly has a strong chance of being the East's representative in the NBA Finals this season, but their odds of being in the Finals would have increased dramatically if they had signed the King.

Just by watching Simmons and LeBron connect in this video, the 2018-19 season would have been a joy for Philly fans to watch as well.

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