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Ranking the most miserable fan bases in MLB | Updated: 2018-09-27 20:51:30

If it seems like the Brewers are a bit more giddy than the usual fan base about making the playoffs this year, there good reason for that, as the Brewers haven't gotten to see their team play in the postseason very often at all.

The Brewers' plight begs the question: Which MLB fan bases have it the worst right now? That's the question the Sports Misery Index tackled, and while we did an article on the top 25 in all sports, it's time to delve deeper into which MLB fans feel good about life and which are, quite frankly, miserable.

The Index takes into account five factors: championships, playoff berths, playoff wins, heartbreaks and rival comparison, with recent events being weighted more than events that took place decades ago. We'll identify how each MLB team rates in each category. In this exercise, the higher the ranking, the more the misery. All figures are based on the last completed season, which is 2017.

1. San Diego Padres

Total score: 24.61
All-sport rank: 2
Ranking by category: championships: 2; playoff berths: 3; playoff wins: 6 (tie); heartbreaks: 21; rival comparison: 1

Where they're especially miserable: The Padres haven't had a winning season since 2010, haven't made the playoffs since 2006 and haven't won a playoff series since 1998. How's that for starters? The Padres have been to the playoffs five times in 50 years, while the rival Dodgers have been to the playoffs five years in a row.

Rays of hope: The Padres have made the World Series each season in which they've won a playoff series, losing to the Tigers in 1984 and the Yankees in 1998. Their fans also live in arguably the nation's nicest city, and the ballpark is in a great area of town. Tony Gwynn and Trevor Hoffman were fun to watch back in the day.

Trend: More of the same. The Padres haven't been able to get out of their perpetual rebuild and seem to be years away from being quasi-contenders.

2. Milwaukee Brewers

Total score: 20.71
All-sport rank: 6
Ranking by category: championships: 3; playoff berths: 5; playoff wins: 8; heartbreaks: 27; rival comparison: 2

Where they're especially miserable: In losing while everyone else around them is winning. The Brewers, who have won only two playoff series since moving to Milwaukee in 1970, have had to watch the Cubs win the World Series in 2016 and the Cardinals win in 2006 and 2011. Even the one Brewers team to make the World Series lost to the Cardinals. Not a fun time.

Rays of hope: The Brewers have always had fun hitters to watch, starting with Robin Yount and Paul Molitor and advancing to Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun in contemporary times. They also were the subject of a Bernie Mac movie and have a mascot that goes down a supersized slide into a cup of beer.

Trend: The Brewers are about to make the playoffs this season and have a good nucleus of talent going forward. There's hope for a few more playoff victories and a bit less misery.

3. Chicago White Sox

Total score: 19.88
All-sport rank: 7
Ranking by category: championships: 18; playoff berths: 1; playoff wins: 9; heartbreaks: 29; rival comparison: 5

Where they're especially miserable: After this season, the White Sox will have made the playoffs only nine times in the 116 seasons of the World Series era. To give some context, the Braves made the playoffs 14 seasons in a row at one point. Chicago hasn't made the postseason since 2008 and had to watch the hated Cubs win a title two years ago.

Rays of hope: The White Sox have won a World Series title relatively recently, as they swept the Astros to take the crown in 2005. That gave them crucial bragging rights over the Cubs for more than a decade, which is the biggest thing for most White Sox fans. So that was pretty nice while it lasted.

Trend: The White Sox got tired of being middle of the pack or worse and are committed to a full rebuild, so it could be a while before playoff berth No. 10 happens.

4. Cincinnati Reds

Total score: 19.77
All-sport rank: 8
Ranking by category: championships: 9; playoff berths: 6; playoff wins: 2; heartbreaks: 10; rival comparison: 7

Where they're especially miserable: Short of the Nationals (who have never won a playoff series), the Reds scored the worst at winning in the postseason, as their most recent series win was the 1995 NLDS. Of course, it's hard to win playoff series when you don't qualify for them. The Reds haven't for the most part, making the postseason only three times since 1995.

Rays of hope: Reds fans in their mid-30s or older got to see Eric Davis and The Nasty Boys lead Cincinnati to a World Series title in 1990, and old documentaries about The Big Red Machine in the 1970s are fun to watch. The Reds also had a nice stretch earlier this decade, making the playoffs three times between 2010 and 2013.

Trend: The Reds are in last place in a competitive NL Central this season but have shown quite a bit of spunk in the second half and look primed for a step forward next season. Maybe there's hope.

5. Seattle Mariners

Total score: 17.98
All-sport rank: 17
Ranking by category: championships: 6; playoff berths: 2; playoff wins: 6 (tie); heartbreaks: 26; rival comparison: 13

Where they're especially miserable: Making the playoffs. Seattle currently has the longest playoff drought in baseball, which dates to 2001. That 2001 season was bittersweet for M's fans, as the Mariners set an MLB record with 116 wins, only to lose to the Yankees in the ALCS. Seattle is also one of two franchises that have never made a World Series appearance.

Rays of hope: The Mariners might not win much on the big stage, but they have provided that stage with plenty of entertainment. Players such as Ken Griffey Jr., Alex Rodriguez, Randy Johnson and Ichiro made Seattle a must-watch team in the late '90s, and Felix Hernandez has provided quite a bit of entertainment in recent years.

Trend: The Mariners have been improving in recent seasons and poking around the playoffs, as they barely missed them last year and were in contention before fading this year. One of these years, they might break through.

6. Colorado Rockies

Total score: 17.97
All-sport rank: 18
Ranking by category: championships: 13; playoff berths: 10; playoff wins: 5; heartbreaks: 16; rival comparison: 4

Where they're especially miserable: Colorado has won only two playoff series in its 25-year franchise history, and both came in the same season (2007). The Rockies have made the postseason only four times, have never won a division title and have yet to figure out how to cultivate quality starting pitching in their mile-high home.

Rays of hope: Of those four playoff appearances, one came a year ago, and the Rockies are in the hunt for another this year. Colorado has also been to a World Series somewhat recently, as part of its 2007 run. And it's always fun watching star players such as Nolan Arenado hit home runs.

Trend: Going up. The Rockies have improved their record four years in a row, could make it a fifth this season and even break the division title drought. Back-to-back playoff appearances would give Colorado some long-needed momentum.

7. Baltimore Orioles

Total score: 16.17
All-sport rank: 23
Ranking by category: championships: 12; playoff berths: 11; playoff wins: 14; heartbreaks: 14; rival comparison: 6

Where they're especially miserable: It has been 35 years since Cal Ripken Jr. and Eddie Murray helped lead the Orioles to the 1983 World Series championship, and Baltimore hasn't been back since. The O's have had good teams but have been snakebitten at the wrong times (Jeffrey Maier, anyone?). Meanwhile, they've had to watch the hated Yankees and Red Sox combine for eight titles in the last 20 years.

Rays of hope: Baltimore has had some success this decade under Buck Showalter, qualifying for the playoffs three times between 2012 and 2016 and winning two playoff series. That's a heckuva lot better than the 15-year drought the Orioles went through after making the 1997 ALCS.

Trend: Going down fast. The O's are going to lose more than 110 games this season and went through a fire sale at the trade deadline. It's going to be a while before they're competitive again.

8. Miami Marlins

Total score: 15.38
All-sport rank: 26
Ranking by category: championships: 22; playoff berths: 4; playoff wins: 10; heartbreaks: 30; rival comparison: 14

Where they're especially miserable: The Marlins have been to the playoffs less than any other franchise in baseball, as they've made it only twice in 26 seasons. Miami hasn't made the playoffs since 2003, the second-longest drought in baseball, and hasn't had a winning season since 2009.

Rays of hope: How are the Marlins this low on the list? Because when they go to the playoffs, they win the whole thing. Miami won World Series championships in 1997 and 2003, defeating the Indians and Yankees, respectively. They're last in heartbreak but have dealt crushing heartbreak to the Indians and Cubs, among others.

Trend: More misery. The Marlins are embarking on yet another rebuilding project, as they sold off most of their assets after the 2017 season. We'll see how it goes.

9. Texas Rangers

Total score: 15.33
All-sport rank: 27
Ranking by category: championships: 4; playoff berths: 21; playoff wins: 15 (tie); heartbreaks: 2; rival comparison: 15

Where they're especially miserable: The Rangers are the most heartbroken franchise besides Cleveland, as they've found painful ways to fall in the playoffs. From coming one strike away (twice!) from beating the Cardinals in the 2011 World Series to blowing a 2-0 lead (and witnessing the Jose Bautista bat flip) in 2015, the last few years have been rough on Texas fans.

Rays of hope: At least the Rangers are making the postseason. Prior to 2010, the Rangers had made the playoffs only three times and had zero series victories. Since then, they have been to the playoffs five times, won four playoff series and made the World Series in back-to-back seasons in 2010 and 2011.

Trend: Not looking good. The Rangers are starting to revamp as the other four teams in their division are making the move upward. It could be a rough next few seasons.

10. Oakland Athletics

Total score: 14.54
All-sport rank: 31
Ranking by category: championships: 17; playoff berths: 25; playoff wins: 4; heartbreaks: 4; rival comparison: 11

Where they're especially miserable: The A's can't quite close teams out. They've lost seven consecutive win-or-go-home games in the playoffs dating to 2000. They've blown two-game leads (2001 to the Yankees and 2003 to the Red Sox) and were the victims of Derek Jeter's "flip" and virtuoso Justin Verlander performances.

Rays of hope: The A's have an innate ability to rebrand themselves and make the postseason. They have made the playoffs seven times since 2000 (and are about to make it eight) with different versions of the club. Older fans remember the Bash Brothers' 1989 World Series title over the Giants or even the Reggie Jackson/Vida Blue three-peat in the '70s.

Trend: Going up. Billy Beane has done it again, as Oakland has come out of nowhere to emerge as one of the best teams in baseball this season.

11. Toronto Blue Jays

Total score: 14.22
All-sport rank: 33
Ranking by category: championships: 16; playoff berths: 8; playoff wins: 21; heartbreaks: 28; rival comparison: 3

Where they're especially miserable: It hasn't been a great 25 years in Toronto, as the Blue Jays went 20 seasons without making the playoffs between 1995 and 2014 and have been back only twice since winning the 1993 World Series. In that time, they had to watch the Red Sox, Yankees and even the Tigers become postseason regulars.

Rays of hope: The Blue Jays did have a mini-revival in 2015 and '16, as they made the playoffs and advanced to the ALCS in both seasons. Bautista's bat flip was an all-time moment, probably second in Blue Jays history to Joe Carter's walk-off homer to win the '93 Series. Older Jays fans have the back-to-back championships in 1992 and '93 to help them cope.

Trend: Going down. The Blue Jays hit their peak in 2016 and have been in a fast decline since, with players getting old, getting hurt or leaving in free agency. Despite having some top prospects, it'll be hard to get back.

12. New York Mets

Total score: 14.2
All-sport rank: 34
Ranking by category: championships: 10 (tie); playoff berths: 12; playoff wins: 19; heartbreaks: 6; rival comparison: 12

Where they're especially miserable: There are a lot of reasons, but losing a World Series to their crosstown rivals might be the biggest. The Mets have gone 32 years without winning the World Series and seem to have squandered any momentum they could have gotten from qualifying for the World Series in 2015.

Rays of hope: If you're old enough to remember the 1986 Mets, well, that was one of the iconic teams in baseball history. The Mets have enough periodic uprisings -- 1999-2000, 2006 and 2015-16 -- to keep their fans content at times. They're also a focal point of an all-time episode of "Seinfeld," so there's that.

Trend: Hard to say. The Mets have been besieged by injuries since their 2015 run, but if they can get Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard and Yoenis Cespedes healthy at the same time, there might be hope.

13. Pittsburgh Pirates

Total score: 14.1
All-sport rank: 35
Ranking by category: championships: 7 (tie); playoff berths: 13; playoff wins: 12; heartbreaks: 7; rival comparison: 16

Where they're especially miserable: The Pirates have been in the tank for the most part since Barry Bonds left, as they've made the playoffs three times since 1993 and had a record 20 straight losing seasons from 1993 to 2012. As for the older fans, just say the name Francisco Cabrera and see what happens.

Rays of hope: The Pirates had a bit of a renaissance this decade, as they made three consecutive playoff appearances from 2013 to '15 behind star center fielder Andrew McCutchen. Older Pirates fans had the Bonds-Bonilla days in the early '90s, and the "We Are Family" 1979 champions are quite the hit at throwback parties.

Trend: Hard to say. The Pirates looked to be rebuilding when they offloaded McCutchen and Gerrit Cole, but a decent 2018 has them at a crossroads as to how they should proceed.

14. Cleveland Indians

Total score: 13.44
All-sport rank: 36
Ranking by category: championships: 1; playoff berths: 20; playoff wins: 18; heartbreaks: 1; rival comparison: 24

Where they're especially miserable: Gut-punch playoff losses have become the Indians' thing. It's bad enough they've gone 70 years without winning a World Series title (the longest of any team), but they've also blown 3-1 leads in the World Series (2016 vs. the Cubs) and the ALCS (2007, Red Sox). And don't mention the name Jose Mesa to older fans.

Rays of hope: At least the Indians make the playoffs consistently, which most of the teams above them can't come close to saying. The Indians have made the playoffs 10 times since 1995 (one more than the White Sox have made ever) and are well on their way to an 11th playoff appearance this season.

Trend: With three of their AL Central cohorts in the beginning stages of massive rebuilds and a fourth (Minnesota) at a crossroads, the Indians should be October regulars for a while. We'll see if that ceases, or adds to, the heartbreak.

15. Los Angeles Angels

Total score: 13.2
All-sport rank: 37
Ranking by category: championships: 19; playoff berths: 17; playoff wins: 13; heartbreaks: 18; rival comparison: 9

Where they're especially miserable: Being an Angels fan hasn't been particularly good or bad, which is why they're here. But right now, the Angels have made the playoffs once since 2010 and haven't won a playoff series (or game) since 2009. Watching the other L.A.-area team make the playoffs every year stinks, too.

Rays of hope: The one thing the Angels have that the hated Dodgers don't is a relatively recent World Series title, as they rode The Rally Monkey and thundersticks to the 2002 championship. Getting to watch Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani every day is a pretty cool perk, too.

Trend: The Angels have Trout and Ohtani but are also in a division with the defending World Series champions and two other surging teams. That puts them in a tough spot going forward.

16. Minnesota Twins

Total score: 12.5
All-sport rank: 40
Ranking by category: championships: 10 (tie); playoff berths: 15; playoff wins: 3; heartbreaks: 13; rival comparison: 18

Where they're especially miserable: Early playoff flameouts. The Twins have lost seven consecutive playoff series dating to 2002 and have gone one-and-out the last six times they have made the postseason. The franchise has won only five playoff series since moving to the Twin Cities in 1961.

Rays of hope: Of those five playoff series victories, four came in World Series title seasons. The Twins won the World Series title in 1987 and 1991, something that gives their 35-and-older fans some solace while dealing with the present-day defeats. Also, making the playoffs seven times in 16 seasons isn't bad, either.

Trend: The Twins had hope after grabbing a wild-card berth last year, but a regression this year has them in a tough spot, especially as the Indians continue to get stronger.

17. Tampa Bay Rays

Total score: 12.11
All-sport rank: 41
Ranking by category: championships: 14; playoff berths: 16; playoff wins: 15 (tie); heartbreaks: 20; rival comparison: 10

Where they're especially miserable: Having to deal with the big-market teams in their division. The Rays have done a pretty good job of being competitive on a limited budget, but combating the prodigious payrolls of the Yankees and Red Sox every year makes it tough to continuously win at a high level.

Rays of hope: The Rays have shown a keen eye for young talent, as evidenced by their four playoff berths since 2008. Tampa made the World Series in 2008 and won a playoff series as recently as 2013. That success is a lot more than the cross-state Marlins can claim in that time.

Trend: Actually somewhat promising. The Rays are in the midst of a winning season despite shedding big contracts and should be spunky going forward. The Red Sox/Yankees payroll firewall isn't going away, though.

18. Arizona Diamondbacks

Total score: 11.45
All-sport rank: 42
Ranking by category: championships: 21; playoff berths: 18; playoff wins: 17; heartbreaks: 25; rival comparison: 8

Where they're especially miserable: The D-backs have been pretty successful since their inaugural season in 1998, but that success doesn't seem as fun when compared to that of their rivals. The Dodgers are always in the playoffs, the Giants have won three World Series since 2010, and even the Rockies have made the Series more recently than Arizona.

Rays of hope: The Diamondbacks are fresh off a playoff berth last season and have made the postseason six times in their first 20 seasons -- not a bad rate of return. They've won five playoff series in their history, and their epic 2001 World Series title over the Yankees is a moment fans from most of the other teams would love to have.

Trend: Looking good. Although Arizona has to deal with the Dodgers, the Diamondbacks have built a pretty good foundation around Paul Goldschmidt and Zack Greinke. Don't be surprised by more D-back playoff appearances.

19. Atlanta Braves

Total score: 10.66
All-sport rank: 50 (tie)
Ranking by category: championships: 7 (tie); playoff berths: 24; playoff wins: 11; heartbreaks: 12; rival comparison: 17

Where they're especially miserable: Not winning enough in October. The Braves have dropped their last eight playoff series, dating to 2001, and have fallen short of the postseason the last four seasons. Atlanta has also fallen short in the World Series four times since 1991, the most of any franchise in that time.

Rays of hope: Most fan bases would roll their eyes at a Braves fan complaining, as Atlanta's 14 consecutive division titles from 1991 to 2005 are a major league record. The Braves were able to get one title during that dominant area, beating the star-crossed Indians in the 1995 World Series.

Trend: Rising quickly. The Baby Braves have arrived ahead of schedule and have reinforcements in the minors who are ready to star the next couple of years. Look forward to a return of October baseball to the ATL.

20. Washington Nationals

Total score: 8.73
All-sport rank: 57
Ranking by category: championships: 20; playoff berths: 27; playoff wins: 1; heartbreaks: 8; rival comparison: 19

Where they're especially miserable: It's hard to create angst in 13 seasons, but the Nationals' playoff failures have done exactly that. Washington has never won a playoff series, dropping all four it has participated in. Even worse than that, the Nats have lost three of those series in a winner-take-all Game 5 in front of the home fans at Nationals Park.

Rays of hope: A lot of other fan bases would consider Nationals fans spoiled, as Washington hasn't gone through the complete growing pains most new fan bases do. The Nationals have made the playoffs four times in the last six seasons and haven't had a losing season since 2011.

Trend: Not great. The Nationals have disappointed this season, and they'll potentially lose Bryce Harper in free agency in the offseason. Couple that with the surges of the Braves and Phillies, and things aren't awesome.

21. Detroit Tigers

Total score: 8.21
All-sport rank: 59
Ranking by category: championships: 5; playoff berths: 14; playoff wins: 20; heartbreaks: 17; rival comparison: 22

Where they're especially miserable: Missing open windows. The Tigers were one of the best teams in baseball from 2006 to '14 but did not turn it into a World Series title. The Tigers fell twice in the World Series, winning one game in 2006 against the Cardinals and getting swept by the Giants in 2012. They haven't won the World Series since 1984.

Rays of hope: Detroit made the playoffs five times in its nine-year window and won six playoff series. The Tigers also got to see two of the game's best in that time in Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera. While their 34-year World Series drought isn't great, it isn't even half of what the rival Indians deal with.

Trend: Going down quickly. The Tigers officially barricaded their playoff window last year when they traded away Verlander and are in the midst of a long rebuild. They're likely returning to their struggles of the 1990s and early 2000s.

22. Philadelphia Phillies

Total score: 7.12
All-sport rank: 62
Ranking by category: championships: 23; playoff berths: 7; playoff wins: 22; heartbreaks: 19; rival comparison: 20

Where they're especially miserable: The Phillies have missed the playoffs six consecutive seasons dating to 2012 and have had five straight losing seasons. Philadelphia has won only two World Series championships in its history, despite playing every season of the World Series era. And don't mention the name Mitch Williams to a Phillies fan.

Rays of hope: The current drought was preceded by a lengthy run of prosperity, as the Phillies made the playoffs five years in a row from 2007 to '11. Philly won six playoff series in that time and went to the World Series twice, defeating the Rays in 2008 and falling to the Yankees in 2009.

Trend: Heading up. Their rebuild started to bear fruit this season, as Philly was in the thick of the NL East and wild-card races before fading late. Despite that disappointment, the future is looking good.

23. Kansas City Royals

Total score: 0.76
All-sport rank: 83
Ranking by category: championships: 26; playoff berths: 9; playoff wins: 26; heartbreaks: 11; rival comparison: 23

Where they're especially miserable: Most years for a Royals fan are pretty brutal, as Kansas City has made the playoffs two times since 1986. The Royals had one winning season from 1995 through 2012 and are on their way to a third consecutive non-winning season.

Rays of hope: In the rare years when the Royals do win, they win big. Both of K.C.'s playoff seasons resulted in World Series appearances, but Madison Bumgarner kept the Royals from winning in 2014 before they beat the Mets in five games in 2015. Older fans still take pleasure in the 1985 Series win over the hated Cardinals, too.

Trend: Going down quickly. The Royals have gotten rid of most of their assets from the 2015 championship team and are in the midst of what has already been a painful rebuild. Buckle up.

24. Los Angeles Dodgers

Total score: -1.85
All-sport rank: 89
Ranking by category: championships: 15; playoff berths: 30; playoff wins: 25; heartbreaks: 5; rival comparison: 25

Where they're especially miserable: Going from good to great. It has been 30 years since Kirk Gibson's epic walk-off homer, and the Dodgers haven't won a championship since. They hadn't made a World Series until last season, and that breakthrough turned into a Game 7 home loss in which the Astros teed off on Yu Darvish.

Rays of hope: The Dodgers have made the playoffs five seasons in a row, the longest current streak in the majors. They've made the postseason seven times since 2008 and nine times since 2004. L.A. usually does well once it gets to the postseason, as it has won three playoff series the last two seasons and six since 2004.

Trend: Staying steady. The Dodgers have a deep roster of talent and are committed to doing whatever it takes to break the 30-year championship drought. Expect more October baseball at Chavez Ravine.

25. Chicago Cubs

Total score: -5.93
All-sport rank: 95
Ranking by category: championships: 25; playoff berths: 23; playoff wins: 27; heartbreaks: 22; rival comparison: 27

Where they're especially miserable: I guess there's some leftover angst from going 108 years without a championship and dealing with events such as Steve Bartman and Leon Durham. Cubs fans have also had to deal with the rival Cardinals being one of the most consistent winners in baseball.

Rays of hope: Do you really have to ask? That 2016 World Series win was the ultimate in exorcisms, as not only did the Cubs break the 108-year championship drought (and a 71-year World Series drought), but they also overcame a 3-1 deficit and won Game 7 in extra innings to do it. The glow from that triumph isn't going away anytime soon.

Trend: Looking good. The Cubs are on the verge of their fourth straight postseason appearance and have a pretty young core of players. These aren't "Lovable Losers" anymore.

26. Boston Red Sox

Total score: -6.71
All-sport rank: 99
Ranking by category: championships: 27; playoff berths: 26; playoff wins: 23; heartbreaks: 24; rival comparison: 21

Where they're especially miserable: There really isn't much reason to be, as the Red Sox are the Cubs with a decade head start. The travesties of the past have been mostly forgotten, as even Aaron Boone was 15 years ago. I guess Boston fans could be disappointed by the Red Sox not winning a playoff series in five years, but that's nitpicky.

Rays of hope: Three World Series championships since 2004 are reason enough, as only the Giants can equal that type of title production. The Red Sox have made the playoffs nine times since 2003 and have won 11 postseason series in that time. Plus, that ALCS comeback from 3-0 down against the Yankees will never get old.

Trend: The sky's the limit. The Red Sox are not only on the verge of making their third straight playoff berth but also might have the best team in their storied history. Another championship could be near.

27. St. Louis Cardinals

Total score: -7.08
All-sport rank: 100
Ranking by category: championships: 24; playoff berths: 28; playoff wins: 28; heartbreaks: 9; rival comparison: 26

Where they're especially miserable: The Cardinals are the most decorated National League franchise historically, as their 11 World Series championships are second only to that of the Yankees. But St. Louis has a penchant for blowing 3-1 leads (most recently to the Giants in the 2012 NLCS) and has missed the playoffs the last two seasons.

Rays of hope: Of those 11 World Series titles, two have come recently, as the Cardinals beat the Tigers in 2006 and toppled the Rangers in an epic, seven-game series in 2011. St. Louis has made the playoffs 12 times since 2000 and has recorded 10 consecutive winning seasons (plus 17 of the last 18). The Cards are always good.

Trend: Steady as she goes. There's no team better at adjusting on the fly and not missing a beat than the Cardinals, who are pulling the trick again this season.

28. Houston Astros

Total score: -7.69
All-sport rank: 102
Ranking by category: championships: 29; playoff berths: 19; playoff wins: 24; heartbreaks: 15; rival comparison: 28

Where they're especially miserable: Before 2017, there was a lot to be miserable about, as the Astros hadn't won a World Series in 55 seasons and had made the playoffs once in the 11 seasons since they were swept by the White Sox in 2005 in the only Series appearance in franchise history. Looking back on that seems silly now.

Rays of hope: Last year's breakthrough, obviously. Not only did the Astros win their first championship (and make Sports Illustrated look like geniuses), but they also did it by beating the Yankees in seven games in the ALCS and prevailing over the Dodgers in Game 7 at Dodger Stadium to cap off an epic series. There's a lot to smile about.

Trend: Looking strong. The Astros' championship core is still quite young for the most part and set up for longevity. There's a good chance you'll get sick of Houston.

29. New York Yankees

Total score: -15.46
All-sport rank: 113
Ranking by category: championships: 28; playoff berths: 29; playoff wins: 29; heartbreaks: 3; rival comparison: 30

Where they're especially miserable: As hard as it might be to believe, the Yankees have the third-highest heartbreak score behind those of the Indians and Rangers. For all of their bluster, the Yankees have won only one World Series championship since 2001 and have lost their last three win-or-go-home playoff games dating to 2011.

Rays of hope: Those points above are a stretch, as there's very little pain in supporting the Bronx Bombers. Between their 27 World Series titles (five of which have come since 1996), making the playoffs 19 times in 23 seasons (including 13 in a row from 1995 to 2007) and nonstop collection of star players, Yankees fans are extremely spoiled.

Trend: Looking up. After taking a few years off from big spending to build their system, the Yanks are combining homegrown players such as Aaron Judge with pickups such as Giancarlo Stanton. The Evil Empire is back.

30. San Francisco Giants

Total score: -16.09
All-sport rank: 115
Ranking by category: championships: 30; playoff berths: 22; playoff wins: 30; heartbreaks: 23; rival comparison: 29

Where they're especially miserable: Odd years aren't great for the Giants, as they have never won a championship in San Francisco during an odd-numbered year. They haven't made the playoffs in an odd-numbered year since 2003 or made a World Series in an odd-numbered year since 1989. And yes, this is clutching at straws.

Rays of hope: The even-numbered years have been pretty great. The Giants have made the playoffs in every completed even-numbered year this decade. They've won three championships since 2010, beating the Rangers in 2010, sweeping the Tigers in 2012 and besting the Royals in a seven-game tilt in 2014. Life has been good in San Francisco.

Trend: While this decade has been great, it seems as if the window has closed. Madison Bumgarner is hurt, many of the other core players got old and recent acquisitions haven't worked out. There could be legit misery soon.

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