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Fernando Alonso retires from Formula 1

Sky Sports | Updated: 2018-08-15 02:00:24

Where did Alonso go wrong?
Alonso's two world championships were secured in 2005 and 2006 when he drove for Renault.

Few would have predicted then that he would fail to win another.

After spending a single turbulent season at McLaren in 2007 after leaving Renault, Alonso returned to the Enstone outfit for two more years before switching to Ferrari where he twice narrowly missed out on winning the Drivers' World Championship.

While Alonso's career is riddled with unwise choices, it has also been saddled with several near-misses: in 2007, he lost out on the drivers' title by a single point; in 2010, he missed out by just four; and in 2012, he once again lost out to Sebastian Vettel by a mere three points.

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His decision to quit Ferrari for the McLaren-Honda 'project' proved, in retrospect, to be a critical mistake and will be seen as having taken his career up a dead end.

Despite high hopes the reforged partnership would take the fight to Mercedes, only the now-defunct Manor team finished below McLaren-Honda in 2015. Although 2016 brought a modest improvement, McLaren slumped again in 2016, finishing ninth out of ten in the Constructors' Championship - triggering their split with Honda.

By that time, Alonso's attention had already begun to turn to alternative motorsport series and the prospect of achieving the 'triple crown' - consisting of winning Le Mans, the Indy 500 and the Monaco GP, which he first won a decade ago.

With McLaren's permission, he missed last season's Monaco GP to compete in the Indy 500 and won Le Mans at the first attempt with Toyota three months ago.

In hindsight, McLaren's union with Renault amounted to the last throw of the dice for Alonso's F1 career. Although Alonso has excelled again this term, scoring 44 of McLaren's 52 points so far, it hasn't proved enough to keep his F1 fire burning.

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